Crazy 88 - English


Crazy 88 - English

Crazy 88 is all about Creativity, Guts and Laughter! Using our special game app, you will compete with each other by completing 88 fun and (too) crazy challenges. The challenges are recorded on video or photo and consist of different levels of difficulty. The crazier the task and the more creative your execution, the more points you will earn!

During the game, bonus questions pop up, you earn multipliers by unlocking photos of crazy characters or you stumble upon a booby trap. The crazy photos and videos will provide a lasting memory of your activity.

  • Digital product: Buying = Playing directly

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Content of Crazy 88:

  • 88 Challenges spread over 4 levels.
  • Each level divided into 2 themes; so 8 themes in total.
  • Video and photo challenges.
  • Different difficulty levels: from Rookie to Dare Devel challenges
  • Unlock multipliers, bonuses and bombs

Content of this product:

  • Game app login details for 1 player or 1 team. If you play with a group of 2-4 people, you only need to buy this game once.
  • If you play with several teams (e.g. 4) against each other, you need to buy the game 4 times. Then choose number 4.
  • Access to the game in the game app.
  • Instruction on how the game and game app works.
  • Free advice from our helpdesk via phone, email or chat.

You need to arrange the following yourself:

  • Play the game with a charged phone (at least 80%)
  • Bring a power bank if necessary
  • Tasty snacks

How the game works:

  • Start the game only at the starting location, which you can decide. You can play the game anywhere. The most fun is to play the game in a city centre of a big(er) city.
  • Log in to the game app with your unique login details. So you use 1 phone and login per team.
  • Get as many points as possible by completing crazy challenges and getting awards.
  • Share a photo of your game on Instagram or Facebook with #quizpub

How to purchase the selfguided game:

  • Select your desired product and how many login accounts you need. This is the number of teams you want to play with.
  • Register your details
  • Pay via iDEAL, credit card or PayPal.
  • After payment, you will immediately receive confirmation of your purchase by e-mail, including login details.


  • The game app slurps energy from your mobile, so make sure you bring a full phone and possibly a charger

Need help buying the game or have any questions about the content or technology? We are at your service via phone 030 82 00 255, email or chat.

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